About Us

Have you ever wondered why the food prepared by great chefs tastes so great?

If you want great tasting food you have to cook with the best ingredients you can find. Often, the very best ingredients are only available to professional cooks who buy in large quantities. We wanted to change that.

Zeron Fine Foods was founded in 1999 with the idea of sourcing the highest quality professional baking ingredients and packaging them for sale in gourmet retail stores.

It all started with our signature product, Double Intensity Pure Veracruz Vanilla Extract, which has become the must have for discerning food lovers everywhere.

Email: contactus@zeronfinefoods.com

Our Mailing Address:
Zeron Fine Foods, a division of Blue Dog Ventures Inc.
2 Select Avenue, Unit 10
Toronto, ON M1V 5J4

Please note that we receive visitors by appointment only. Customers cannot pick up product from our location.